Cinead Figures it Out
E. G. Gaddess

Cinead’s mother was born a Campbell, though she left the clan before her daughter was born. Now, with her mother gone, Cinead is back with the clan, even though she doesn’t always feel she belongs. She’d hoped to make friends with her cousin, Ana-Stacia, but so far, that hasn’t happened.

And then, there is Riley—the gorgeous steward for Poppy’s airship, the Stacia Rae.

When Cinead and Ana-Stacia are told to work on fixing the Stacia Rae—together—Cinead figures it will never work. They just don’t do well together. But when Riley is added to the equation, she has some incentive to make it work. But when her father arrives, as well as Riley’s family, things get awkward, and Cinead wonders if she’ll ever figure it out.

Ana-Stacia's Future is Up in the Air
E. G. Gaddess

All Ana-Stacia wanted was to fly an airship. Especially the Stacia Rae, the flagship of the Clan Campbell Airfleet. But she’d been sent off to The Wellington School, and now that she’s home, the pressure to choose her future is mounting.

But before she can do that, the Stacia Rae is hijacked, the passengers kidnapped, and it is up to Ana-Stacia—and her new friend, the pretty Amal—to save the day.

If Ana-Stacia fails, it means the possible destruction of the Stacia Rae, and certain death its passengers.

Extended Family
Morven Moeller

In a world where children lose the ability to see colors until they meet their soulmate, one young man must find out what it means when he only slightly gets his colors back when he meets his newest next-door neighbor.

In an effort to find out more and get closer to his soulmate neighbor, Luke joins his school's GCA, Grey-Color Alliance. With them, he finds some answers but mostly more questions.


Robert Pearson is a normal 16-year old boy playing on the high school baseball team, until someone outs that he’s gay. It’s a lie. Robert doesn’t like guys, not like that. Or does he? His friends, and even his family react, in unexpected ways, and a We Support Spork – the nickname the outing has given him – campaign begins at school – spearheaded by his sister. What’s a guy to do? Try to answer the question that everyone – even himself – is asking: is he or isn’t he?

The AuthorGod reigns!

Dhampyr Journey
by E. G. Gaddess

In 1910 England, Edwin Harrington has a secret.  More than one, truth be told.  And they keep piling up.  To keep things under wraps, he agrees to escort a relic back to Pressburg for his brother.

Hazel Butler has secrets, too.  Not the least of which is lying to Edwin about who she is to escape the mad man following her.

Perhaps the biggest secret of all is what is inside the relic.  Until it escapes, and starts killing and feeding off the passengers.

Edwin is at a loss for what to do; he's never fought such a creature before.  Hazel has been bitten - and can be controlled by it - so she won't be much help.

Can Edwin determine the secret to destroying a vampyr - and to saving Hazel?

Kiss Me in Hell

Marlow just wanted to live out her life in a state of juvenile rebelliousness; she didn't want to be anyone's problem and she didn't want anyone to bother her. That was her creed. That is until she died for the stupidest reason ever, falling down on her head. Now she has to deal with a voice in her head and an undead outlook on everything. Well, so much for a problemless life. They can kiss her in hell! ... Marlow shrugged nonchalantly. "I label myself Zombie." She gestured to the spot on her chest that a nametag would occupy. "It's worse than that."

Sometimes Kat, Sometimes Kev
by Ms Knowitall

Kevin lives in a small town, one of those little pools of genes, news, and gossip, a place where everyone knows everything. Or so Kevin 'knows'. Kevin has the weirdest life in the smallest town; he has the weirdest time with the smallest choice: Bryan or Stormy, weird or semiweird... Boy or Girl?


The first novella by Ms Knowitall.

An LGBT book for teen readers.

The Secret of Magik and Dragons
by T. L. Frye

In a land far away, 15-year-old (she thinks) Alex just wants to do her magic show to make enough money to see her and Gwennie through the winter.  She doesn't want any mistakes.  She doesn't care (much) about the missing king and queen, or the despotic ruler, Rolando, that is is making life so hard for everyone.  But she ends up the not-so-proud owner of a scraggly dragon, and sets off (reluctantly) to discover there's a lot more she needs to learn about magik and dragons - and a boy named Orion that visits her dreams...

Dhampyr Heritage
by E. G. Gaddess

1909.  4 years ago Christian died.  Gideon was sent to Portugal - to be safe.  Now, it is time to return to England - to face his family, Christian's family, and the truth of Christian's death.  But Christian does not just haunt Gideon's memories, he's flesh and bone - and still 12 years old - a vampyr.  And then, there is Zola, with her smile and strange words, whose guardian just may be the one responsible for Christian's current existence.

Coming February 2018!

Book cover of burning sunflower with flame rising upward on black background 




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