Creed of the 21 Dragons; Wyvern Knoll - Trade Paperback
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Creed of the 21 Dragons; Wyvern Knoll - Trade Paperback

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Book 1 in the series.

Graduating from the Mage Tower felt like the end of Oranyon's troubles, but it wasn't.

For eight long years Oranyon was bullied because of a disability that crippled her magic. Using her Mage Orb, Buzzwig, helped offset that disability, but made the bullying worse.

After graduation, Oranyon moves to Wyvern Knoll to live a quiet life as the lady mage of her uncle’s rural estate. But her dreams of peace are dashed when she meets the handsome and daring Captain Thorin. Oranyon discovers that she is a Dragon Mage and is bound to Thorin by the magic of his mysterious dragon mark. She finds herself entwined in Thorin’s quest for the elusive Codex of the All Tree, and to learn the secrets of the CREED OF THE 21 DRAGONS.

Available in Open Dyslexic or Deja Vu font.

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