Dhampyr Journey - Trade Paperback
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Dhampyr Journey - Trade Paperback

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In 1910 England, Edwin Harrington has a secret. More than one, truth be told. And they keep piling up. To keep things under wraps, he agrees to escort a relic back to Pressburg for his brother.
Hazel Butler has secrets, too. Not the least of which is lying to Edwin about who she is to escape the mad man following her.
Perhaps the biggest secret of all is what is inside the relic. Until it escapes, and starts killing and feeding off the passengers.
Edwin is at a loss for what to do; he's never fought such a creature before. Hazel has been bitten - and can be controlled by it - so she won't be much help.
Can Edwin determine the secret to destroying a vampyr - and to saving Hazel?

Available in OpenDyslexic or DejaVu font.