Morven Moeller, Author and Artiste-Supreme

Morven Moeller is a young artist and author born in Portsmouth, Virginia to Navy parents.  They published their first novel as a young teen under the pen name, Mx. Knowitall, and now write the same style light novels, only for an older audience of new adults.  They are currently working on a new writing project, having started with the cover, of course.

As an artist, Morven is also the final resource for DreamPunk Press covers, developing the template and helping maintain the consistency between the collective's publications.

They also create original and fan art, displaying it for sale at conventions and art fairs (pre-COVID). That has all moved on-line, and you can find (and purchase) these creative endeavors at 

We also need to throw kudos at Morven for "inking" the beautiful cover for Rogues and Rebels; the extraordinary line art was provided by our cohorts at Conquest Comics.

Titles from DreamPunk Press:

  • Heart of Brass (novella)
  • Extended Family (novella)