E. G. Gaddess, author

Head shot photo of author E. G. Gaddess. She is wearing steampunk attire: a gray leather top hat with goggles.

E. G. Gaddess is the pen name of an author from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. E. G. is the alias who publishes Victorian vampires and Steampunk for young adults. 

E. G. is a founding author of DreamPunk Press; our first ever publication was her first novel, Dhampyr Heritage. Dhampyr Journey followed when several fans asked for more. This series follows the Harrington siblings discovering their vampire-hunting heritage.

Her steampunk series, Clan Campbell, is an LGBT-positive series that follows the trials and tribulations of a trio of cousins approaching adulthood in an alternate universe North America that still tuns on steam. The novella, Riley for Real, the story that preceded the series, is an homage to their child's transition.

Titles from DreamPunk Press:

  • Dhampyr Heritage (2012, novel, Dhampyr Chronicles)
  • Dhampyr Journey (2013, novel, Dhampyr Chronicles)
  • Dhampyr Legacy (2018, novel, Dhampyr Chronicles)
  • Riley for Real (2016, novella)
  • Ana-Stacia's Future is Up in the Air (2016, novel, Clan Campbell series)
  • Cinead Figures it Out (2016, novel, Clan Campbell series)
  • Coleen Just Can't Picture It (2018, novel, Clan Campbell series)
  • Mechanics of Life (2021, steampunk)

Short stories in Anthologies:

  • Scent (Go Ahead and Howl, DreamPunk Press)
  • Steamed Pudding (Rogues and Rebels, DreamPunk Press)
  • Taking Flight (Airships and Automatons, White Cat Publications)