Zahra Jons, Author

Zahra Jons is the pen name of an author from Norfolk, Virginia. She writes contemporary young adult fiction where she tries to explore some of the big issues that teens face.

Her first full-length novel, Waiting for Normal, was inspired by her mother's battle with cancer, and the seemingly interminable "wait" for life to return to normal. Spoiler: it never really does.

Zahra also write "light novelesque" novellas that follow the foibles of teens discovering themselves.  So far, DreamPunk Press has published one such novel, has accepted another for publication, and is eagerly awaiting the third that she has pitched.  We'll also be publishing her second full-length YA novel in 2021.

Titles from DreamPunk Press:

  • Gaymers (novella)
  • Waiting for Normal (novel)