Tara Moeller, author and Dreamer-in-Chief

Tara Moeller is a founding author at DreamPunk Press; she's written several novellas published by the collective,  as well as one full-length novel (under her real name). A full-length Sci-Fi novel is tentatively slated for 2021, but it will depend on getting all the other books ready for publication on time.  

Tara lives in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with her husband, his dog, and her cat. After spending 6 years (a full enlistment) in the Navy as an electronic technician, she left the military to pursue a degree in English and spend better time being a mother to her only child. The degree and her technical background gained her a career with the government as a technical editor.

Tara is also a selective freelance editor. She doesn't have a lot of time left after a full-time job, DreamPunk Press, and her own writing, so she limits herself to editing for friends who are willing to put up with all the red lines she litters their manuscripts with and remain a friend.  So far, that's two people.

Tara is also interested in other forms of story-telling, and is working on a comic book script series. She is an irregular guest on Write Night, hosted by Travis I Sivart (Talk of the Tavern host and prolific author); it;s a fun gig, but she turns into a pumpkin before midnight (just ask her husband), so staying up and functioning until 10 pm is a struggle. But it's fun when she manages to stay up that late.

Titles from DreamPunk Press:

  • Desolation of Fog (novella)
  • The Sacrifice (novella)
  • Second Time Around (novella)
  • Selenophile (novel)
  • Placebo (novella)

Short Stories in Anthologies:

  • War Moon (Go Ahead and Howl, DreamPunk Press)
  • In a Witching Minute (Street Magick, Elder Signs Press)
  • Mythology (Moondance Online)