Time Will Tell : A Monstrous Story - Trade Paperback
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Time Will Tell : A Monstrous Story - Trade Paperback

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The world revolves around life cycles. Times come and times go with generation after generation remembering only the parts chosen to be passed on. But what would happen if our cycles became tainted with evil magic? Sixteen-year-old Lucas is about to find out when he finds the elevator at his summer job has taken on a haunting personality of its own, taking him out of his present and putting him into his past and his future. And besides that, it’s not that he wants to be involved with the beautiful girl in his dreams or be dropped into the danger that could mean destruction of our world… he doesn’t even know how much is at risk!


Time Will Tell: A Monstrous Story revolves around the relationships born and explored each generation between a teenaged girl of the magic Light Family and a normal (without magic) teenaged boy. The cycle connection affects not only the couple’s link to each other, but also the future of the world—our world. A crack into the evil Black Place is widening with the probability of evil being unleashed on mankind. Anitra, Lucas, and his friend Todd have to stop it!


Oh…and, to make a bad situation worse, there’s a horrendous monster waiting for them in the Black Place.




Available in Open Dyslexic and Deja Vu fonts.