J. M. Silverleaf, author

Head shot photo of author J. M. Silverleaf holding her pet Chihuahua.  She is wearing blue rimmed glasses, and an aqua short with a deep blue patterned scarf.


J. M. Silverleaf is an author of young adult fantasy who lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and Chihuahuas.  A retired teacher of the learning disables, she also has dyslexia. DreamPunk Press' use of the dyslexic friendly font, OpenDyslexic, was the deciding reason she approached the collective to help her publish her fantasy series featuring a young mage with dyslexia.

J. M. is also developing a middle-grade series that will follow her main characters' apprentices as they learn to fill the roles they have been given.

In her own words, "I just want to write."

Titles from DreamPunk Press:

  • Creed of the 21 Dragons: Wyvern Knoll
  • Creed of the 21 Dragons: Goldthorn (coming Fall 2021)