Maverick Heart - Digest Paperback and Digital
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Maverick Heart - Digest Paperback and Digital

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Lieutenant Michelle Roddenberry is a maverick and flaunts the rules. But as an officer in the Terra Federation Navy and with a galactic war going on against an alien race, one must follow orders. It is the difference between life and death. Grounded from joining her squadron on another mission and about to be dishonorably discharged too, she flaunts the rules again and steals her fighter spacecraft, flying off to join her squadron for one last battle.

Instead of finding her squadron, Michelle crashes on an unknown planet. It is a world full of changing wonder and danger. She finds another castaway there, an alien called Dakna. Both find themselves in a war with the planet, as Michelle tries to find a way off planet for them. The rule book thrown out; Michelle may find her maverick ways the only way to survive.

Available in OpenDyslexic font or DejaVu font; Mobipocket (Kindle) or ePub