The Truth About Magik and Dragons - Trade Paperback
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The Truth About Magik and Dragons - Trade Paperback

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Book 2 of the Trilogy

Alex (or Ally or Her Royal Highness 
Alexandrina, depending on the audience)
 never dreamed she'd be in charge of an
 entire kingdom. It was a lot of meetings 
and tact and negotiation--a lot of work!
 And she was expected to wear a corset and tiara! Oh, how she longed for the 
days of being a poor traveling magician.

 She also missed Orion. Just a little.

Maybe a bit more than that.

So, when adventure came knocking, in 
the form of Orion and his friend Oliver 
asking the Princess's favor for a quest, 
HRH Alexandrina decided to grant it. 
Though she wasn't sure she should 
have. Sir Oliver wanted to hunt for a 
dragon. But Orion wanted her to say 
yes. So she did.

Only, she also decided that 'Alex' needed to tag 


Available in Open Dyslexic or Deja Vu font.