Dhampyr Chronicles

E. G. Gaddess' trilogy, Dhampyr Chronicles, started with Dhampyr Heritage, back in 2012.  It is the story of 16-year-old Gideon Harrington returning to England after isolating with his maternal grandmother on Portugal to protect him from the distrust and suspicions surrounding the death of his best friend, Christian. But on his journey back, he meets Zola, and discovers that the vampyrs his grandmother taught him about are in more places than he ever imagined.

It continued with Dhamypr Journey in 2013, which tells the tale of Edwin Harrington escorting the young vampyr Christian away from England, to a society where vampyrs live under the cover of prosperity and power.  The journey is fraught with danger, as the crypt he is also escorting holds an ancient vampyr, released by Hazel, whom Edwin takes to be the anthropologist sent to examine the crypt. Edwin battles personal demons, as well as a vampyr, to save his friends.

The latest chapter in the family saga is Dhampyr Legacy, where Gideon's twin, Isabel, faces her past encounter with a vampyr and tries to save her friend, Daphne, was published in 2018. The Harrington family learns there are things more dangerous in the world than vampyrs--humans.

In 2018, the first two books were republished using OpenDyslexic font.  Their republication coincided with the release of the last book in the trilogy.