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Meet J. M Silverleaf!

author dragons dyslexia fantasy J. M. Silverleaf magic

Introducing J. M. Silverleaf, author of the fantasy series The Creed of the 21 Dragons.

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Wyvern Knoll Cover Reveal!

dragons dyslexia fantasy J. M. Silverleaf magic opendyslexic font

Here it is, the absolutely gorgeous cover for Book 1 in the Creed of the 21 Dragons; Wyvern Knoll, by J. M. Silverleaf!

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What is OpenDyslexic font?

dyslexia opendyslexic font

OpenDyslexic font was developed to make reading easier for individuals who have dyslexia.  There are different types of dyslexia, and this font doesn't help everyone, but it can help some, especially for those who's dyslexia manifests in their visual interpretation of letters, numbers, and symbols. 

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