Looking Ahead to 2021 - Four full-length books planned

That's right - we've already got four young adult novels slated for next year.  What are they, you might ask...and we hope you are because we are just so excited!

First, in January, will be the latest from E. G. Gaddess, The Mechanics of Life. Set in the alternate new world of the Clan Campbell series, this is written for an older YA audience, and focuses on the lives of two young people in the city of Norfolk, Neo-Virginia, as they track down someone stealing body parts.

Then, in April, we'll publish Zahra Jons' second novel, Little Pink Book. In this tale, a young teen grapples with the magical powers in a diary, and the devastating repercussions from using it. Can she break away...and save herself?

Next up, in July, will be Book 2 in J. M. Silverleaf's Creed of the 21 Dragons series.  Follow the continuing adventures of Oranyon and Thorin as they discover more about their magical connection to each other...and to the past.

Finally, October will bring the final book in the Magik and Dragons trilogy by T. L. Frye.  Will Orion continue to be part dragon? Will Alex accept her role as Princess Alexandrina and learn to use her magic?  Will the King and Queen escape from the tapestry that holds them hostage? (You might be wondering where book 2 is--it published next month!)

Phew - that's a lot. But it isn't all.  We will also have a new middle-grade specific line starting, we're hoping to finalize our first children's book, and we have a couple of adult novels that will publish in-between this YA schedule.  Follow the blog if interested; that adult list (tentatively 2 novels) should be finalized next month!


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