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E. G. Gaddess is an author of young adult fiction.  She's written vampire stories set in the Victorian Period, as well as Steampunk stories set in an alternate universe, where the United States never quite came to be very united.  Her short stories have also been included in anthologies.  

E. G. lives in Norfolk, with her downsizing family -- soon it will be just her, her husband and a lone cat.  There may need to be pet acquisitions in the near future.  More kids are just out of the question, and grandkids nowhere on the horizon as yet.

Having grown up on Gothic romances, Victorian and Steampunk settings come naturally to E. G., and she puts a bit of research into preparing the world's she writes in.  As a teen, her favorite authors were Phyllis A. Whitney, Victoria Holt and Phillipa Carr (those last two were actually the same person, LOL), though she also read Edgar Allen Poe and Anne McCaffrey (and other sci-fi and fantasy).  The themes from these books influence her own writing.

When did you start writing?

I think I always wrote. In elementary school, when we'd be asked to write a little fictional tale for class, I'd turn in pages of story. I started get serious though, when my child hit middle school and couldn't find the kinds of fiction they liked; I started writing it for them.

Are you a full-time author?

Oh, no!  I have a day job (and a day name -- E. G. Gaddess is a pen name), as an editor [snicker] of technical reports.  

Why a pen name?

I had a writing teacher once tell the class to use a pen name to start, as you are never great at first, and then, when you get really good, you can use your real name. 

Does E. G. Gaddess mean anything special?

Oh, yes. The E. G. stands for Edwina Georgina -- what my grandparents thought I should be named, after my grandfather and uncle -- and my grandmother's maiden name.  I think they would have been proud of me getting published, but they never really got to see any of it.  

What books are you planning in the future?

I am finishing up the third book in the Clan Campbell steampunk series, and I have another steampunk novel -- longer -- in that same universe only in an earlier time getting ready, too.  I also have an idea to take some characters in a Victorian werewolf story in an anthology on a longer adventure to see what happens.  

Do you think you'll ever stop writing?



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