Happy New Year

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Well, 2021 has finally arrived, and I am well glad of it.  2020 was...a hard year, all around, for many different reasons. 

It was also a good year, in some ways.  We published 4 full-length novels and 4 novellas (should have been 5 but...let's not go there, shall we?)

Looking ahead, I want to see rosy skies only.  I want to look for the good things, plan for success, and get ready for the little failures that try to drag me down.

I mean, I've already seen success for next year. 

E. G. Gaddess' latest novel publishes in early February (we'll ignore that it was supposed to drop in January), and Zahra Jons second novel is going to publish on time in April!

We're also trying a couple of new things: subscriber-only benefits.  You'll read more about them if you are already a subscriber (there's an email) and there's a blog post planned that will explain it all coming later in the month. 

But for now, let's recover from our hangovers (if we have them) and get ready for the wonderful year ahead!

Forever your Dreamer-in-Chief

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