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Are you one of our loyal newsletter subscribers?  If you are, thank you.  And to show our thanks, we've set up a special discount code just for you: DREAM21.  It will get you 10% off EVERY purchase you make from our website, and you can use it as often as you want up until the end of the year.

Oh, wait - you aren't? Well, why not?  It won't work unless you are in the system as a subscriber and you're missing out on an easy 10% off.

Not enough to get you to subscribe?

Well, how about special offers on limited edition hardcover book boxes that have other book-related items inside, all for a lovely discounted price? You won't know about them unless your a subscriber and you can't get to the link to purchase unless you get onw of our amazing emails.

Sold? No?

Well, you'll also learn first of any extra holiday specials or sales, open calls for anthologies in the works, and get first notice of new authors and their books. You'll also learn about other authors, and maybe even a little bit about how we publish our books, and why we use the fonts we do. 

Not enough? Sigh.  

Well then, leave a comment on what would make you a subscriber and we'll see if we can add it to these already abundant benefits.

Forever dreaming,

your Dreamer-in-Chief.

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